Welcome to Green Changes Supplies!

So many people want to create a green, or at least a "greener," home. Yet several factors might make this a complicated process:

1. The high cost of sustainable or eco-friendly products may prevent people from making even small changes.

2. The lack of local availability of products discourages many customers from switching to greener options. 

3. Online options may be either expensive or overwhelming (or both).

4. Some "greener" alternatives are...neither stylish nor aesthetically pleasing. We believe you can be green without being frumpy or resigning yourself to a "Whole Earth Catalog Chic" style of home decor...and if that's your thing, there is nothing wrong with that! You do you!

Green Changes Supplies seeks to connect customers with more sustainable options in an affordable, well-curated way. Small differences do matter, and we want to connect customers to affordable, green solutions with the convenience of an online store that is focused specifically on cutting-edge eco-friendly options. Going green doesn't have to put your bank account in the red, so we strive to offer competitive prices and a customer-centered experience. 

We are able to offer these products with free shipping  partnerships with manufacturers. We are able to offer free shipping, which may sometimes require patience. However, we are confident that the combination of free shipping, lower prices than competitors and great products is worth the wait! 

Any questions? Please reach out!