Every month, we should all strive to be #PlasticFree. Yet this July is unique as social media has created a challenge to go "plastic free." This is a great challenge, especially if you think of it as an incentive to just use less plastic. 

How can you be #PlasticFree this July?

Here are some ideas:

1. "Just say no" to plastic straws and plastic shopping bags. (Remember, with our code PLASTICFREEJULY, you can save 10% on reusable straws!

2. Reduce your plastic consumption in other ways. Bring a reusable coffee mug to the cafe. Throwing a party? Try giving your guests regular flatware instead of the plastic type (We've also got some great compostable flatware. When you order it along with our compostable plates, you get 20% off the more expensive item: The code is  COMPOSTPARTY).

3. Reevaluate what you really need. Are you thinking of replacing a plastic item with another plastic item? Do you really need it, or even want it?  

4. Get creative!